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The most expensive and luxury beverages and bottles of global brands in the author's edition of MJ.


- Luxury drinks, bottles and gift boxes in exclusive edition of Art Studio MJ.
- Bottles and glasses inlaid with Swarovski crystals and gold. stones - diamonds, rubies, sapphires...
- Accessories and decorative objects made of precious metals: gold, platinum, palladium, silver...
- In finishing elite bottles used classic and exotic leather: crocodile, iguana, ostrich, python...
- Gift bottles and boxes in finishing fur, natural skins: mink, sable, fox, ponies, llamas...
- Manufacture of covers, bags and gift packs for bottles made of leather, velvet, suede, beads, pearls, wood...
- VIP bottles and boxes made of birch wood, drip amaranth, red and black wood...
- Production bottle supplied luxury accessories: keychains, flash drives, glasses, cups, glasses, corkscrews...
- Coating with 24-carat gold leaf, gilding metal, glass and leather items.
- Laser and hand engraving and milling, airbrush, coating varnishes, hot and cold enamel.
- Restoration and repair auction, collection, archive, and unique vintage bottles and packages.
- Any size and capacity of bottles, from the smallest schaal to giant bombastic barrel.
- The range of collection of beverage brands, as well as drinks own customize production:

Exclusive and the world's best Wine, Champagne, Whisky, Brandy, Cognac, Armagnac, Grappa, Calvados, Kashatsa, Metaxa, Tequila, Mezcal, Rum, Bourbon, Vermouth, Port, Sherry, Tokay, Madeira, Malaga, Perry, Cider, Sake, Sato, Absinthe, Aquavit, Martini, Baileys, Sambuca, Amaretto, Gin, Maotai, Raky, Chacha, Beer, Kvass, Vodka, Coffee, Juice, Water, Infusion, Balsam, Liquor and other elite alkagolnye and soft drinks in exclusive editions of Art Studio MJ.


The Dalmore Eos 59 Year Old Single Malt - Customize by MJ
Exclusive drinks in design deluxe edition of Art Studio MJ
A box of blackwood or mahogany with white gold 777 carats
Dalmore. Luxury Handmade, Wood Box, White Gold Logo 777

World’s Largest Champagne Bottle – Armand de Brignac The Midas
Mixed drink in bottles jewelry collection of real gold.
Individual orders production of bottles of all shapes and sizes of pure gold.

Exclusive Luxury Boxes For Elite Alcoholic Beverages by MJ
Only handmade. Only individual orders. Only the most luxurious materials.
Boxes of leather, precious woods, precious metals and stones.
The individual personalization. Inlay logos, emblems, logos, initials etc.


Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani - Customize by MJ
The bottle design has developed artist Fernando Altamirano.
Exclusive tuning of the Art Studio MJ. Pure platinum and diamond identifiers. Water from Tributo a Modigliani - a mixture of pure spring water from France and from the islands of Fiji, with the addition of water from the glaciers of Iceland. Gift boxes are made by individual boxes of leather calf, buffalo, crocodile, stingray, ostrich, shark, elephant, cobra, python and other types of MJ.

Exclusive Customize Bottles by Art Studio MJ
The bottle is decorated with silver, platinum, white gold and mahogany.
Whiskey for true lovers of exquisite drinks.

Design Bottle Made of Genuine Leather & Precious Materials by MJ
Individual orders tuning and restyling bottles, glasses and any other accessories.
Any kinds of classic and exotic leather and fur - calf, buffalo, bison, dee
r, crocodile,
alligator, caiman, lizard, iguana, ostrich, stingray, fish, frog, toad, conger eel, sturgeon, hippo,
shark, elephant, mink, sable, ermine, tiger, lion, raccoon, seal, bear, fox, giraffe, cougar, cheetah


The most expensive cognac in the world  2.000.000 usd, untitled " King Henry the fourth " Henri IV Dudognon famous not only because that is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive drink in the world. It has 100 years of exposure, 41% alcohol. Bottle of 24 carat gold decorated with diamonds 6500 was sold in Dubai.
The most expensive drinks in the world. Exclusive personalization of MJ.
Only the legendary brand of alcoholic beverages.
Henri IV Dudognon - Individual Customize by MJ

Johnnie Walker Double Black - Design Customize by MJ
Only the most well-known brands of alcoholic beverages in the author's edition of MJ
Corporate series of alcoholic beverages with the ranking staff.
For Directorate and Management - personalization gold, diamonds, crocodile leather...
Staff and junior managers - personalization silver, Swarovski crystals, leather calf...
Application of any logos, emblems, wishes, coats of arms and any other symbols -

DIG Imperial Champagne Glass - Exclusive Customize by MJ
Exclusive glasses with crystal, gold, platinum and fancy diamonds.
Individual orders any samples of gold, platinum, palladium, and all kinds of precious stones.
see also catalog luxury crockery and cutlery -

Bombay Sapphire Bottles Hand Decorated with Swarovski Crystals - MJ Customize.
gin decorated with Swarovski crystals and precious stones.
Individual orders inlay bottle blue sapphires and diamonds.
Bombay Sapphire, Tanqueray, Beefeater dry gin, Gordon's dry gin, London Dry Gin, Boodle's,
Booth's, Burnett's White Satin, Plymouth Gin and any other gin.

Most expensive and rare spirits - luxury design limited edition by MJ
Gift boxes with certificates and diamond id -
Rare Glenfiddich 50yo Bottle - MJ Luxury Edition

Grey Goose vodka in a bottle decorated with precious metals and gems from MJ
Gems Crystal Edition Grey Goose Vodka by MJ Singe Edition

Belvedere Vodka Collector's Case - Personalized Edition by MJ
Exclusive sets of alcoholic drinks in a personalized edition of MJ

Absolute Vodka Inlay Swarovski. Limited Edition
Order by individual inlay real gems.
See also catalog of various products in Swarovski crystals -

Unique bottles, decanters, vases, jar, barrels and any other vessels handmade by MJ
Individual orders a bottle of gold, platinum, sterling silver, wood, stone, bone, ivory, fossils, genuine skin...


Exclusive cases, covers, wallets, briefcases, purses and pouches for any bottles. Individual orders customize bottles and production covers all sizes for all types of drinks. Covers are available only from natural leathers and furs from the Art Studio MJ - crocodile, alligator, caiman, gavial, monitor lizard, iguana, ostrich, kangaroo, python, karung, sea snakes, anacondas, boa, vipers, lizards, king cobra, fish queens, white shark, whale, sturgeon, trout, salmon, pike, carp, sea eel, frogs, taods, pangolin, lizard teygus, wild pig, chicken leg, sheep, buffalo, calf, deer, elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, capybaras, caiman fuscus, jakare, latirostris, babillas, nile crocodile, siamese crocodile, porosus, coral adder, taipan, black mamba, krait, water moccasins, rattlesnake, viper, pirarucu, kite, deadly snakes akantopis, runner tiger, horse, mink, pony, fox, wolf, llama, leopard, cheetah, panther, ocelot, lion, beaver, skunk, astrakhan, rabbit, rex, zebra, sea lion, seal, bear, boar, wolverine, orilaga, sable and other unique exotic species (CITES & US WildLife International Certificate) -

Absolute Vodka Diamond Edition - Individual Customize by MJ
Precious bottles decorated with diamonds and sapphires.
Bottles are decorated with a series of crystal edition Swarovski crystals.



Unique gift boxes made from exotic leathers and accessories made of gold, platinum, silver, bone, wood, diamonds and other precious materials. Apply only for the production of genuine exotic leather premium. Crocodile, alligator, caiman, python, anacondas, cobras, sea snakes, boas, vipers, karung, iguanas, monitor lizard, elephant, hippo, sharks, giraffe, kangaroo, calf, buffalo, buffalo, fish, frog, ostrich, conger eel, stingray and other subspecies. In Art Studio MJ presented more than 5000 different species and colors of the skin to produce boxes, cartons, and any other accessories. Details listing exotic leather -, VIP boxes and catalog -


Royal Salute - alcohol brand, owned by the family of Chivas Brothers. This whiskey obtained by mixing four different varieties, each of which has an exposure not less than forty years. Bottle decorated with 24-carat gold and crowned with a crystal stopper in the shape of a crown. Art Studio MJ turns any alcoholic beverages in the elite royal gifts.
Chivas Brothers 62 Gun Salute Whisky - MJ Royal Customize

The new beer has received 24 Sarats title, all because its composition has particles of gold 24 carat.
I-Beer Company created a new intoxicating drink in the best traditions of French brewers.
Individual orders elegant packaging production of black amber, jet and fancy diamonds.
24 Carats Beer – the World’s First Beer with Pure Gold Flakes

Luxury Champagne from global brands in limited Suite editions.
Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon, Crystal Louis Roederer, Veuve Clicquot, Piper-Heidsieck, GH Mumm, Bollinger, Krug, Salon, Pol Roger...
In sets of MJ entering only the elite champagnes and of course a variety of romantic and themed accessories.
Moet & Chandon’s Valentine Day Gift Set - Exclusive Handcrafted Customize by MJ Single Edition
Gifts for weddings, Valentine's Day, March 8, and other festive events.
See also catalog exclusive romantic gifts -

Luxury Mobile Bar - Moet & Chandon Bar Boy - Exclusive Customize by MJ
Mobile bars for the elite. Only handmade and premium materials.
Wood, gold, silver, carbon, titanium, leather, fossils, minerals, and other rare materials VIP.
See also the author's catalog of furniture and accessories -

Luxury Gift Baskets - alcoholic beverages, books, glasses, stemware, accessories... by MJ
Corporate kits for VIP orders any more drinks and accessories.
See also catalogs various exclusive products from the Art Studio MJ
Royal Suites sets jewelry, art, accessories -
Elite glasses, cutlery, crockery -
Exclusive and rare books handmade -
Gift boxes and collection boxes -

Exclusive bottles decor with wood, leather, gold, silver, cloth, velvet, suede etc.
Only individual orders. Only handmade. Exclusive only.
Handcrafted Luxury Bottles & Drinks by MJ

Premium alcoholic beverages in gift editions of MJ
Individual orders any bottle can be decorated with gold, leather, diamonds...
And also make a unique personalized gift box with initials or crest.

Accessories and boxes for alcoholic drinks premium from MJ
Gift boxes of valuable wood and additional accessories made of precious metals.
Bottle openers, cork, corkscrew, keys, key rings, mini watering can, cocktail accessories, etc.   &   &

Grey Goose Vodka by Chopard Limited Edition
Vodka of an alcoholic French premium brand Grey Goose and jewelry house Chopard.
Individual personalization platinum and diamonds from the Art Studio MJ

The most expensive vodka in the world. In exclusive editions of Art Studio MJ
Absolut vodka, Grey Goose, Finland, Moscow, Nimirof, Belvider Parliament, Beluga, Oval, Russo-Balt, Diva...
Absolut Ruby Red & Fancy Diamond Edition

Vodka Oval Swarovski Limited Edition
Vodka elite class of brands in the premium edition of MJ
Vodka Oval, Alize LE, Russo-Baltique, Absolut Crystal, Iordanov, Belver Bears, Vodka Diva etc.
Individual orders inlaid with gold, platinum and diamonds.

Absolut Vodka Gold Edition - Customize Limited Edition by MJ
Vodka brands in the world deluxe edition of Art Studio MJ
Absolut, Grey Goose, Finlandia, Smirnoff, Moskovskaya, Belvedere, Nemiroff, Skyy, Parliament, Starogardzka, Sobieski, Beluga ...

Moet & Chandon Wedding Edition by Art Studio MJ
Wedding set - collection champagne and glasses decorated with gold and colored diamonds.
see also exclusive wedding gifts -

Moet & Chandon Diamond Edition by MJ
Moet e Chandon, Veuve Clicquot, Crystall, Dom Perignon, Piper Heidsieck, Mumm, Bollinger, Salon, Krug, Paul Roger...
and other luxury brands in exclusive editions with decor gold and diamonds from MJ.

The most expensive in the world of wine, cognac, whiskey and other alcoholic beverages in the collector's edition of MJ.
Individual orders to produce exclusive boxes of wood, gold, leather ...
World’s Most Expensive Bottles of Port Served London Park Lane

Absolut Vodkra Limited Edition Gems Edition by MJ
Unique bottle of vodka from Absolut and Art-Studio MJ
Bottle decorated with Swarovski crystals. Can any inlay pattern, any color crystals.
VIP bottle series of MJ Gems Edition decorated with real gems.
Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, diamonds and colored with a unique facet.

Unique gift editions elite alcoholic beverages by MJ
Personalization using gold leaf and diamond identifiers.
Johnnie Walker Gold Label Ice Pillar 18yo

Casket jacquard brocade and gold leaf and mirrors inside.
Limited Edition Chivas Regal 18 Year Old by Christian Lacroix
Best Irish, Scottish and American whiskey in an exclusive edition of MJ
Chivas Regal, Isabella's Islay, White Horse, Johnnie Walker, Macallan, Jim Beam, Glenfiddich, Jameson, Tullamore dew, Jack Daniels ...

Golden Bottles - Gold Plated Gilding 24k or Solid Gold-Cast 18k
Limited edition of alcoholic beverages in the guise of gold MJ
Individual orders release bottles in the cast and 18 - carat gold or 24
- carat gold leaf.
Also available in an exclusive box - boxes of gold inscribed with coats of arms and emblems.
Absolut Vodka Gold Limited Edition Gift Pack


Only the best and most expensive cognac in the world from the reputable manufacturers & customize MJ.
The best, most expensive and prestigious cognacs world: Hennessy Beaute du Siecle, Henri IV Dudognon, Camus Cognac Cuvee 3.128, Courvoisier L'Esprit, Delamain Le Voyage, Hardy Perfection Fire, Hennessy XO Mathusalem Cognac Limited Edition, Hennessy Ellipse, L'Art de Martell, Jenssen Arcana, Remy Martin Louis XIII Black Pearl Magnum and others.


Only the most exquisite gift edition tequila and mezcal from MJ. Only the most expensive tequilas: Ultra Premium tequila Ley .925 Pasion Azteca, Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio, Tequila 1800 Collection, AsomBroso Reserva Del Porto, Tres-Quatro-Cinco, Rey Sol Anejo, Partida Elegante, Don Julio, Herradura, Casadores, Milagro Romance, Maracame Plata, Herradura, Gran Patron Platinum, Don Julio Blanco, Tequila Jose Cuervo Reserva De La Familia, Tequila
Hechicero, Don Agustin, Esperanto, Indiana, Tequila 1921, Montezuma, Tres Generaciones and other types of tequila in the exclusive series. Tequila decorated with gold, wood, leather, diamonds and other precious delights of Art Studio MJ.
Jose Cuervo’s Tattooed Bottles - Reserva De la Familia Tequila - Customize by MJ

Bottega Gold Magnum - Elite Customize by MJ
Elite alcoholic beverages. Exclusive bottle. Gift bags and packaging.
Personalization precious metals to individual orders.

Vintage wines from France, Italy, Chile, Spain, Chile, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan ...
Brut, dry wines, semi-dry and semi-sweet wines, sweet wines, special wines, port, madeira,
Sherry, Marsala, Malaga, Tokay, Cahors, vermouth, nutmeg, new wine, fruit wine, perry, cider, sparkling wines ...
Only the most elite wines. Vintage wine and auction. Only premium grade.
Exclusive red, white and rose wines and champagne in copyright edition of MJ.
Concha y Toro, Torres, Jacob's Creek, Antinori, Penfolds, Cloudy Bay, Far Niente,
Chateau Lafite, Vega Sicilia, Marques de Riscal, Chateau Latour...

Bottega Diamond Wine Single Copy - Bottle decorated with diamonds from MJ.

Exclusive Handcrafted Bottles, Decanters, Flasks, Cases, Barrels by MJ
Are available for individual orders of the most luxurious materials.
Crystal, Bohemian Glass, Leather, Wood, Titanium, Carbon, Silver, Gold, Diamonds.
Each product is put any personal information - wishes, family coat of arms, initials ...

Hennessy Paradis Horus Rare Cognac - MJ Exclusive Edition
Ferruccio Laviani artist designed the bottle Hennessy Paradis
And MJ art studio has created a unique bottle and gift wrapping.
For individual order - yellow gold, pink gold, white gold, red gold, purple gold etc.
Author bottle is gilded and of solid gold 999 - th sample.
Box of ebony and gold plates 777- th sample.

Exclusive water with crystals Swarovski.
Individual orders inlaid with real diamonds
A tube made of platinum, silver or gold with precious stones decor.
Fillico Beverly Hills Customize Edition by MJ

Unique design and decor of any bottles.
Only handmade. Only natural and luxurious materials.
Inlay and weaving leather, wood, gold and precious stones.
Any shape, design, texture, patterns, symbols, emblems, logos, brands...
Unique Customize Bottles & Elite Drinks by MJ Bespoke

Exclusive Coco -Cola in the design and collectible editions Ferre.
And Tune precious materials from the Art Studio MJ.
Gianfranco Ferre for Coca Cola Limited Edition

Unique gift premium drinks. Any form and only precious materials.
Glenlivet 70 Years Old Whiskey Continues The Tradition Of Gordon & MacPhail


Vodka Iordanov Luxury Edition - Customize by Art-Studio MJ
Luxury edition vodka decorated Swarovski crystal. Individual orders inlay bottles with various precious and semi-precious stones - diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies,
paraiba, sphene, titanite, demantoid, padparadzha, cat's eye, tsimofan, alexandrite, tsavorite, precious opal, imperial, spinel, tanzanite, jade, marble, granite, turquoise, malachite, amethyst, beryl, tourmaline, crystal, moonstone, topaz, agate, quartz, aventurine, beryl, tiger's eye, aquamarine, head of the moor, colored sapphires, crystal brazilian rock crystal, norwegian jasper, aragonite, charroit, onyx, garnet etc.

Limited Edition Daft Punk Coca Cola - Club Coke - Customize Edition by MJ
Unique edition limited edition Coca-Cola bottles in gold and platinum.


Exclusive Boxes & Cases for Elite Drinks & Bottles by Art-Studio MJ
Exclusive luxury boxes for drinks. Luxury packaging for any bottles. For the production of luxury boxes apply only the most expensive and unique materials. Gift boxes of gold, platinum, diamonds, ivory, amber, mother of pearl, exotic leather and of course valuable woods - mahogany, ebony, teak, wenge, bamboo, cypress, pinkado, amaranth, zebrawood, bubinga, ipe, jatoba, oak, beech, ash, cedar, mahogany and ebony. Catalog luxury boxes and boxes of MJ -

Customize tuning any bottles and manufacture of gift boxes for any drinks. Bespoke by MJ
Wine, Champagne, Whiskey, Brandy, Tequila, Grappa, Gin, Brandy, Beer, Vodka, Juice, Water, Infusion, Liquor ...

Exclusive bottles and goblets of gold, silver, crystal, ivory, mammoth ivory...
Bottles with the decor of sharks teeth, fangs dinosaur fragments of meteorites,
amber, pearls, jet, coral, ammolit, and other unique materials from MJ.
And gift boxes from exotic leathers -
Tributo a Modigliani Rarest Edition by MJ Single Copy Order

Hand-Made Bottles of Glass, Wood, Leather, Precious Metals & Gems by MJ
Only individual orders. Any design. Any size.

Individual orders ornament and decoration any bottles
gold, platinum, diamonds, and other precious materials.
Exclusive Customize & Modding by MJ

Exclusive Flask of Steel, Silver, Titan, Silver, Gold, Carbon & Exotic Leather by MJ
Exclusive flask, jars and bottles made of stainless steel, silver, gold, bullat, titanium, carbon and exotic skins from MJ.

Luxury handmade flask of genuine python skin from MJ
Individual orders hard and soft jars of all types of exotic leather and fur.
Jars of crocodile skin, alligator, caiman, ostrich, stingray, cobra, iguana, monitor lizard, anaconda
sea snake, viper, elephant, hippo, conger eel, boa, fish, frogs, bison, buffalo...
Jars of fur skins and sable, mink, fox, ermine, wolf, fox, leopard, llama, tiger...

Exclusive bottles, jars, water bottle, barrels and other lux containers by MJ
Venetian crystal, wood, carbon, platinum, leather, silver, gold, etc.
Individual orders applying state emblems and any other symbols.
Only handmade and exclusive materials from the Art Studio MJ

Unique bottles and decanters made of a variety of exclusive and precious materials by MJ.
Gold, platinum, diamonds, rubies, emeralds, crystal, leather, ivory, mammoth tusk, amber...
Jewelry casting, carving, filigree, filigree, granulation, stamping, engraving, inlay, stamping, stained glass enamel...

Gift exclusive drinks in the great royal sets by MJ.
Bottle, glasses, glasses, book, cigar lighter, cufflinks, tie clip,
pen, belt, jar, clocks, bottle opener, magnet, key chain and other accessories and luxury goods.
Options available for individual orders, with personalization of each product.

VIP Beaujolais - Customize Edition by MJ
Beaujolais Georges, Georges Duboeuf, Louis Jadot, Domaine Yvon Metras, Jean-Paul Thevenet, Albert Bichot ...
Inlay diamond crystal or individual orders.

Love H2O by MJ Customize - luxury gift and collectible
Bottles Love H2O Swarovski Edition 6500 decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Individual orders a bottle encrusted with gold and diamonds with a unique facet.
An ideal gift for sophisticated people who are difficult to surprise and which is already all there.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label - Personalized Bottle & Gift Jewelry Box by MJ
Scotch whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label, Black Laber, Red Laber, Green Laber, Gold Label ...
Any original Johnny Walker whiskey in the author's edition of Art Studio MJ
Inlay diamond identifiers to produce exclusive gift boxes.
Drawing gift inscriptions, family crests, initials, zodiac signs and other symbols of gold.

Luxury Glasses Decorated with Real Diamonds or Crystal Swarovski by MJ.
Individual orders any glasses, glasses, glasses, mugs ...
Decor diamonds or or Swarovski crystals for
private collections, gift sets, weddings or other celebrations.

Absolut Vodka Swarovski Limited Edition - Customize by MJ
Individual orders inlaid with real diamonds any emblems and images from MJ.

Current Glenfiddich 50year old Whisky - MJ Customize Edition
Collectible beverages in luxury edition by Art Studio MJ




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